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Drawlive can provide a full bespoke software development service. We can develop web applications, or desktop applications for Windows, Macintosh* or Unix platforms. Code development is carried out in ANSI C/C++ for desktop or server side software development, and PHP, HTML/DHTML, CSS and JavaScript for web application development. Drawlive can also provide SQL database development.
If you have a requirement that our products do not appear to fit, please contact us. We can tailor our solutions to your needs.
:Drawlive APIs

Drawlive has developed a comprehensive range of software libraries, which are available for incorporation into bespoke software development projects, permitting rapid and efficient application development. The Drawlive libraries encompass a range of location based solutions as well dynamic multimedia generation technologies.

Our APIs cover the following, major areas:

Dynamic generation of graphical and interactive media in Macromedia Flash format.

Cartographic functionality including map layout, coordinate transformation, and geo-coding facilities.

Route finding and logistics functions.

All of our products are powered by our own APIs!

:Multi Platform

Drawlive code is written in ANSI C/C++. It is fast, efficient and cross-platform. We are happy to develop web application services for Windows or Unix-based operating systems, and desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS X.

:Data Processing

Handling data for mapping and routing solutions is not a trivial task, and Drawlive has a wealth of experience in data processing, transformation and management. If you have larger or complex data processing requirements, in particular geographical and graphical data, please contact us to see how we can help.

:Site Hosting

We can provide hosting facilities for small to medium web site and web application projects, on our Unix/Apache-based servers.

GPS Tracker was a custom application written for the BBC's Natural History Unit, for use on the Big Cat Diary series. The use of Drawlive APIs enabled an extremely fast turn-around on this project.

Sample Map of Kongsberg, Norway. Generated from Pablo distributed GIS database engine using Drawlive's liveMap APIs.
* Mac OS X only

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